100 meals

This weekend, our incredible friends in Pakistan turned our donation from a small-scale fundraiser into 100 meals for 100 people in need. I was on a walk when I received photos of the food distribution and I was overcome with emotion.

Last week, a feeling in my heart told me that I had to fill some bellies with good food. When I stumbled across a stash of old fabric pieces that I no longer needed, and posted them for sale for a small donation online, I did not anticipate the overwhelmingly positive response I would receive. Individuals were sharing all of their sewing projects with me. A health care worker was going to make scrub caps for her employees. A mama wanted to make baby bibs for her little one. A dad was looking for a variety of pieces to create clothing for his  kids! 

People were intrigued by the fact that I was choosing to donate the funds raised. Many were curious to learn more about the charity. Upon learning that this work is something that I have devoted my life too, many community members showered us with support over on our page. Being able to share our story with individuals near and far made the difficulties of staying interconnected during the pandemic fade away momentarily. 

With the few hundred dollars raised, I decided to evenly divide the proceeds 3-way. The first portion went towards supporting our local projects. Alleviating the suffering of people in your own community is so important. We placed an order of groceries to be delivered to the house of a single mama in need. With an increased demand on food banks, her family was only receiving a small emergency bag of canned goods to feed herself and her children every other week. She told us that she was skipping several meals to ensure that there was enough food for her kids. 

Our order arrived at her house and contained fresh produce, bread, milk, snacks and more. The second donation was sent to our friends in Pakistan. They put so much of their time and energy this weekend into having a large meal prepared, obtaining supplies for easy take-away and securing a space to facilitate the distribution.  

Their constant support for all of my wild ideas is what constantly allows me to dream bigger! The final cut of the donation is going to support the Tagum City Relief Fund in the Philippines. Founder, David has devoted his life to restoring the health of malnourished children and his work inspires my mission to bring good food to those in need. No child should have to go to bed hungry or wonder where their next meal will come from. I pray that one day, I will be able to provide physical support in the form of warm meals to children on a recurring basis.