Life on Land

Sustainable Development Goal #15 By: Arshiya Alam The Earth is a bountiful place with a multitude of resources for all living things to use. Unfortunately, the Earth’s resource are not unlimited. This presents many issues regarding our global ecosystems and sustainability, resulting in scarcity that can affect all living things. We must work to truly understand the crucial importance of […]

No Poverty

Sustainable Development Goal # 1 By: Anton Jesuraj The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set forth by the United Nations are essential to the development of our world for all people. They act as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. I chose to research and learn about the first SDG: No Poverty. The main focus […]

Good Health & Wellbeing

Sustainable Development Goal # 3By: Aleesha Sheikh The foundation of a successful school begins with a supportive social structure, an adequate physical environment, high quality instruction and programs and positive community partnerships. However, the United Nations sustainable development goal for good health and well-being at all ages looks different globally. In some schools around the world, education about good health […]

Clean Water & Sanitation

Sustainable Development Goal # 6By: Haleema Ahmed The Sustainable Development Goals were created at the SDG Summit in September of 2019  to achieve deliverable actionables against issues debilitating lives globally.  Goal 6 ensures access to water and sanitation for all and whilst major strides have been made, this issue remains prominent. 785 million people still lack basic drinking water and […]

Zero hunger

Sustainable Development Goal # 2By: Sayfe Peyawary According to the WHO, more than 850 Million people are currently hungry, or do not know where their next meal will come from.  Hunger is a problem, not just in one part of the world, but across the globe. In fact, 11% of the world is struggling with this global crisis. But did […]

Gender Equality

Sustainable Development Goal # 5 By: Sejal Jain The Sustainable Development Goals are the “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all” through addressing many issues worldwide. Goal 5 entails the mission of achieving gender equality as well as working to empower women and girls. A major focus to do so is through methods involving school-aged children.  […]

Quality Education

Sustainable Development Goal # 4By: Safwan Rashid Education is something that is unimaginable for many in the developing world. Children need to have access to knowledge and develop their social skills and feel accepted in society. The UN has defined this goal as a way to, “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning for all.”  In my […]

Talk of Champions

International Day of Youth with UofR Champions of Change Club This episode features Aiza Abid to discuss International Day of Youth and youth leadership! 🗣 We sat down with Aiza from @aizastbf and discussed impactful youth engagement, the steps she took in founding her own non-profit, and why she continues to be a compassionate advocate for change. Aiza is the […]