Rising Youth Community Service

Join the movement! Visit risingyouth.ca Through meeting with thousands of individuals in need over the past seven years, I have learned just how important good clothing items are for one’s self confidence. But many individuals at the local homeless shelters we serve have expressed the embarrassment they have felt in the past digging through garbage bags in search of adequate […]

Youth Spotlight: Meet Sadia

Tell us about the work you do:  I am a youth mental health advocate based in Toronto, ON. I worked with youth across Canada to start conversations about mental health and discuss the role it plays in our lives. I am especially passionate about discussing mental health education, in both our schools and communities. I strongly believe that everyone should […]

Youth Spotlight: Meet Bianca & Maliha

Tell us about the work you do? Stay Woke is a youth non-profit organization striving to promote a culture of social awareness through creativity. Ultimately, our goal is to amplify youth voices and build a community of youth change-makers. We do so through various projects and events, including an annual open-mic + gallery event, Framed: a digital arts magazine, the […]