Pacifique’s advocacy journey

In many parts of the world, disabilities are not well understood. Pacifique is eager to change that. At 15-years old, he is leading a movement that encourages children with and without disabilities to convene and discuss issues relevant to kids in Rwanda. His message to those who intentionally and unconsciously discriminate against individuals with disabilities is that they need to […]

Vita Centre Visit

So wonderful to visit Vita Centre today and catch-up with my friend (program manager) Susan! We are so excited to be working together to launch our little library program for under-resourced youth who utilize Vita’s services. The goal is to replenish their bookshelf with good reading material each month. I loved being able to include signed copies of books, thanks […]

Birthday cards for Logan

What a beautiful act of compassion from one little one to another. I think this goes to show that we are all well equipped to bring joy to the people around us 🥰 Repost from @stephaniesikma The ever thoughtful Vera alerted me to a birthday card campaign from @aizastbf for a ten-year old celebrating his double-digits birthday while going through chemotherapy. My immediate […]

Book Spotlight: Once Upon An Eid

Once Upon an Eid: Stories of Hope and Joy by 15 Muslim Voices 🌙 This next book in our series was one that I found at an independent community bookstore. A big shout out to DrummerBooks (on twitter), for 50 years of service to the community and unparalleled support to authors. ✏️ About the authorsA heartwarming short story collection by […]

The joy of reading

For many of us, our access to books today is unprecedented. Not everyone has this luxury. Acknowledging that reading is a great privilege for adults and children alike can help us understand the weight of this gift and what life might be like without it. We are blessed to be able to expand our minds, learn and grow by reading a […]

Happy May!

Today I witnessed the magic of communities coming together to bring some joy to children in need 💛 Kind people from across the GTA contributed their time, energy and resources to organize book drives, pack items and drop them off at our door. I am so excited to continue working on this little library project and can’t wait to share […]

Challenges for children in India

While children are at a lower risk of contracting COVID, they are not immune to the consequences as their families, teachers, and community leaders are infected and unable to support them. “The pandemic has reversed much of the progress India has made in reducing poverty and, as is too often the case, it is the poorest and most marginalised children […]