Building new skills

By: Muzna E.

I have always loved volunteering as it allowed me to advocate and work on issues that I care about, but it has also led me to build and learn new skills. As a journalism student, I am always learning ways to develop my writing skills in different mediums. Currently, I am working/volunteering at The Organization Of World Peace. Through this volunteering experience, I learn and inform the public about current conflicts and crises worldwide and what we can do to find solutions!Through this experience, I have learned how to look at information critically and present information in a way where it is concise and attractive to the readers, all done remotely.

 Volunteering is always a great way to build new skills, whether writing, photography, arts, or figuring out what career path you would like to take. It’s a great way to advocate and work within a like-minded community.Through COVID- 19, many organizations are still looking for amazing remote volunteers who would love to build and learn new skills! I would advise anyone interested in learning and building news skills to check out Volunteer Toronto, LinkedIn, and even their high school/university website!