Pacifique’s advocacy journey

In many parts of the world, disabilities are not well understood. Pacifique is eager to change that. At 15-years old, he is leading a movement that encourages children with and without disabilities to convene and discuss issues relevant to kids in Rwanda. His message to those who intentionally and unconsciously discriminate against individuals with disabilities is that they need to […]

Youth Spotlight: Meet Sadia

Tell us about the work you do:  I am a youth mental health advocate based in Toronto, ON. I worked with youth across Canada to start conversations about mental health and discuss the role it plays in our lives. I am especially passionate about discussing mental health education, in both our schools and communities. I strongly believe that everyone should […]

Youth Spotlight: Meet Bianca & Maliha

Tell us about the work you do? Stay Woke is a youth non-profit organization striving to promote a culture of social awareness through creativity. Ultimately, our goal is to amplify youth voices and build a community of youth change-makers. We do so through various projects and events, including an annual open-mic + gallery event, Framed: a digital arts magazine, the […]

Food insecurity during the pandemic

CTV News reports that the number of Canadian struggling to put good, nutritious food on the table is increasing at alarming rates. Many families are struggling as a result of layoffs and the economic down turn caused by the pandemic. Before the pandemic – an estimated 4.5 million Canadians experienced food insecurity First two months of the pandemic – that […]

Sewing kit

Sewing kit

By: Zahra Z Turn your old eyeglass case into a practical sewing repair kit. There are tons of ways to go about doing this and many items that you can place inside, including: Putting a new cover on the case Making a pincushion out of fabric and cotton Scissors, thread, needles, buttons You can create multiple kits and store them […]

Everyday teddy kits

By: Vivian Y. The Everyday Kit is quite self explanatory; it simply includes various basics that children would find beneficial during the average day. Some things it would include are deodorant, tissue boxes, a hair comb, teddy bear, a packable blanket, and hand sanitizer. Anyone could benefit from this care package, as it provides individuals with several basic necessities that […]

COVID-19’s & Children’s Mental Health

By: Muzna E. Since the pandemic began in Canada, it has affected many families financially and mentally. According to a CAMH  Policy report published in July,  2020, 50% of Canadians’ mental health had worsened since the pandemic. It has been shown by the Public Affairs Annual Mental Health Index survey 2019 that children were equally as affected. For the first […]

COVID-19’s & Children’s Education

By: Vivian Y. When schools were reopening, school districts had a rough time deciding on how to approach the situation. While there were many factors to ponder over, most school boards decided on a general take. Many decided on online school, while some others chose to try a hybrid learning model. Many students were given the choice towards which learning […]

Building new skills

By: Muzna E. I have always loved volunteering as it allowed me to advocate and work on issues that I care about, but it has also led me to build and learn new skills. As a journalism student, I am always learning ways to develop my writing skills in different mediums. Currently, I am working/volunteering at The Organization Of World […]

Branching out

By: Vivian Y. During this quarantine, I’ve personally made it my personal mission to branch out and discover new ideas and opportunities. Through this method, I’ve found several prospects such as volunteering organizations, and even small businesses that sold products that I was interested in. I’ve found this organization, multiple small businesses, and I’ve been indulged with useful information. During […]