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    Make a bear hug box!

    We repurpose & distribute tens of thousands of items each year. Volunteers are encouraged to engage in and share their repurposing efforts each month by: Connecting with the needs of homeless shelters & community centres in their area Filling shoe boxes (or other small boxes) with gently used items from around their home and making them like new for families in need Tag us in your bear hug box photos @aizastbf with the hashtag #bearhugs! 

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    100 meals

    This weekend, our incredible friends in Pakistan turned our donation from a small-scale fundraiser into 100 meals for 100 people in need. I was on a walk when I received photos of the food distribution and I was overcome with emotion. Last week, a feeling in my heart told me that I had to fill some bellies with good food. When I stumbled across a stash of old fabric pieces that I no longer needed, and posted them for sale for a small donation online, I did not anticipate the overwhelmingly positive response I would receive. Individuals were sharing all of their sewing projects with me. A health care worker…

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    Filling bellies

    My incredible friend in Tagum City has devoted his life to alleviating the suffering of malnourished children in the Philippines. And I’m always thinking of ways to support his work and provide more good food to children in need. This morning, I discovered an old stash of fabric that I no longer needed. I felt the urge to help each piece find a new home. I posted the materials online for a small donation, not anticipating the special conversations I would have with so many community members. One woman mentioned that she was going to use her purchase to make scrub caps for her coworkers. A nurse candidly shared that…

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    What do Toronto homeless shelters need most this winter?

    New socks are the most needed but least donated item of clothing at many homeless shelters Thanks to @thecozytoesies we’re including a new pair with every donation that goes out this week! According to a 2018 census, there are over 8,700 homeless people in the city of Toronto. Foot problems account for 20% of their medical conditions. The pandemic has made being homeless in Toronto even more difficult. Staying safe and finding shelter is increasingly challenging. Help them take the first step in getting back on their feet! (Read more here)

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    Winter Wellness Kits with SMILE Canada

    Hundreds of books and teddies for children in need of some joy this season! We collaborated with @smilecan, an organization on a mission to provide support to youth with disabilities and their families. Our contributions to their winter wellness toolkits included teddies for 230 children and books for many of their siblings. Check it out: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKFFNWfjVxn/

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    Clothing drive

    Our clothing drive has collected over 300 items so far! Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution. After sorting, cleaning, ironing, and packing the items, we will be distributing the items to 3 local homeless shelters.