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    Happy National Volunteer Week!

    Happy National Volunteer Week! I first stumbled upon the non-profit world in elementary school. At the time, I had just witnessed the generational effects of poverty in Pakistan and needed to channel my energy and emotions into some form of humanitarian outreach.  But I was only 7-years old and had access to very limited resources. Upon spending the next several years volunteering at local homeless shelters and food banks, I discovered that community service was so much more than that.  It was a way to focus on the things I did have and use them to answer someone’s prayers.  Something that I was dedicated to helping my Youth Advisory Board…

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    Ramadan Mubarak!

    Ramadan Mubarak / Happy Ramadan to all those who celebrate! 🌙 ⭐️ I hope this month gives us all time to self-reflect, practice patience, learn peace and show gratitude. It is such a blessing to be a part of a community that devotes so much time to giving back and helping others. Using what we have been blessed us with to serve others is a beautiful thing and surely the best part of being human 😊 Swipe to read a few pointers about fasting and Areej’s suggestions on how to support your muslim friends this month! Also: Our friends at @smilecanada announced an incredible theme for Ramadan this year: #RamadanRoots.…

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    New clothing for homeless youth!

    An estimated 1,500 – 2,000 youth in Toronto are homeless on any given night.  When children enter the shelter system, they are provided with a set of clothing and a few basic personal hygiene products. In many cases, the used clothing they receive is not always in the best shape. After years of conversing with young people experiencing homelessness, I learned that many have the shared experience of digging through garbage bags of donations in search of good items to wear. This did not sit right with me and I knew that something had to change. For the past several years, I have worked closely with shelters and community centres…

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    Rising Youth Community Service

    Join the movement! Visit risingyouth.ca Through meeting with thousands of individuals in need over the past seven years, I have learned just how important good clothing items are for one’s self confidence. But many individuals at the local homeless shelters we serve have expressed the embarrassment they have felt in the past digging through garbage bags in search of adequate clothing items to wear.  We wash, repair, sort, iron, fold and pack each clothing item and placed them into a recycled cardboard boxes to then be picked up by families in need.   After receiving this grant, we created a form online where individuals with items to donate and those in…

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    Community champion breakfast

    A heartfelt thank you to everyone who put their love and trust into our little nonprofit. Bringing peace, justice and healing to the lives of children is an honour and I am so grateful for this life of service! I spent this morning alongside incredible co-champions and participated in a panel discussion led by CBC Toronto News @ 11 host, Kelda Yuen. A big shoutout to some new friends and incredible activists whose stories and selfless endeavours warmed my heart this morning: @torontoindigenousharmreduction @thestopcfc @olmcblackfutureslab @youthprofessionals & Helen Watling from @mackenziehealthSo much gratitude x Thank you! @cbctoronto Previous Next

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    Celebrating little milestones

    I remember when this little one came over to our booth to make bracelets. After carefully braiding the threads together, their father came over and exclaimed, “You did that all by yourself? That’s incredible! Can you teach me how to make one?” I loved this moment and have always thought of it as a reminder to celebrate the young people in my life. I encourage you to do the same! Your confidence and belief in them during these incredibly formative years will last a lifetime 💫

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    Community champion feature

    Recognizing individuals and groups making our communities better In 2020, people across the greater Toronto area faced unprecedented challenges like never before. In a year like no other, our community also rose to the occasion and helped one another in unexpected ways. CBC Toronto and its roster of local programs invited you to nominate individuals or groups that are making your community better. You answered! Check out this year’s finalists for Community Champions and cast your vote today This community was shortlisted as one of 15 @cbctoronto Community Champions but we need your help to share our message of peace, justice and healing for all children with our nation at large. I…

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    Storytelling on TV

    Last night, I was invited to share our story live on Canada One TV! I spoke on meaningful service and community engagement.    Near the end of the interview, the host asked if I had any final words to share. I encouraged any parents listening to turn to their children with opportunities to contribute to the work that they do. With a lack of extracurricular activities, now more than ever, students learning remotely need the chance to explore their passions and contribute to something greater than themselves. These years are critical to their development, so please do what you can to celebrate the potential of the young people in your…