Filling bellies

My incredible friend in Tagum City has devoted his life to alleviating the suffering of malnourished children in the Philippines. And I’m always thinking of ways to support his work and provide more good food to children in need.

This morning, I discovered an old stash of fabric that I no longer needed. I felt the urge to help each piece find a new home.

I posted the materials online for a small donation, not anticipating the special conversations I would have with so many community members. One woman mentioned that she was going to use her purchase to make scrub caps for her coworkers. A nurse candidly shared that she just received her second dose of the vaccine and wasn’t feeling so great (I’m including a little thank you note with her order to acknowledge her hard work during these difficult times ❤️). An individual discovered our work and wants to donate books to support our at-home libraries!

But making money was not my intention. I knew the fabric deserved more. I had a feeling in my heart that reminded me of how many children out there also deserve more – more food, more warmth, more safety, more love. I always ask myself, how can we use what we have at home to do good? So I reflected and decided to donate proceeds to fill some bellies by the end of next week.

I share this as a reminder that you don’t need lots of time or money to make life better for the people around you.

Repurposing items → meeting new people → filling bellies. So easy & fun!