Quality Education

Sustainable Development Goal # 4
By: Safwan Rashid

Education is something that is unimaginable for many in the developing world. Children need to have access to knowledge and develop their social skills and feel accepted in society.

The UN has defined this goal as a way to, “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning for all.”  In my preliminary research, I have discovered that at least three factors drive higher quality education in developing countries.  These include: access to education; attainment of minimum standards (especially at the primary level) and sustainably keeping students in school.

We should ensure local students recognize the challenges they face and are able to seek support from organizations serving their communities and needs.  

Beyond monetary donations, organizations and community members can support the building of minimum standards curriculum by determining the current standards and finding ways to source free teaching material.

Students locally can get hands-on involvement with fund-raising in Canada to ensure that the financial lifeline (a key ingredient for students in developing nations struggling to stay in school) is maintained throughout economically challenging times.