Rising Youth Community Service

Through meeting with thousands of individuals in need over the past seven years, I have learned just how important good clothing items are for one’s self confidence. But many individuals at the local homeless shelters we serve have expressed the embarrassment they have felt in the past digging through garbage bags in search of adequate clothing items to wear.  We wash, repair, sort, iron, fold and pack each clothing item and placed them into a recycled cardboard boxes to then be picked up by families in need.


After receiving this grant, we created a form online where individuals with items to donate and those in need could indicate the sizes, types of items, etc. This allowed us to streamline the donation collection process.


Since we support refugee families, low income families and children in need all year round, we have allocated funds to purchasing recycled boxes, bear hug stickers and clothing items on an as needed basis. We will also be expanding our community closet initiative through this winter season to bring warm clothing to families in need. 

A certificate of recognition, signed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!