Vivian’s up-cycling ideas

How to repurpose your fuzzy sweaters

By: Vivian Yan

Fuzzy sweaters are most definitely a staple in many closets, though they often wear out easily. While it seems as though there’s no more purpose for that frizzly sweater at the back of your drawers, it could actually be used for much more than you may think. In certain regions, winter can be a challenging time, especially for those who may be struggling to find shelter or are in need of winter clothing.

Sweaters can be easily knitted into winter hats! To do so, you simply need to deconstruct the clothing item and knit it to make a pouch shape. These hats can offer individuals a bit of warmth during the colder seasons, and can also be of great use to help those in need. Repurposing is important to me as you never know when your items that are no longer of use could be really purposeful to someone else! As Ottolenghi stated, one’s man’s trash could be another man’s treasure.