What difference can a teddy bear make?

Aiza’s Teddybear Foundation was founded on the belief that all children deserve not only unrestricted access to their fundamental human rights, but also an understanding of what these rights are and what they should look like in their own lives. What we have learned through working with tens of thousands of children over the past 6 years is that children are not only being relentlessly deprived of their rights, many do not know that being forced to sacrifice one for another is not the norm. Once we have ensured the physical needs of a child (food, water, safety), the emotional needs must be met. Children are not meant to face the traumatic experiences that millions are victim to every single day. And since children process these experiences differently than adults, childhood trauma can lead to lifelong consequences. A stuffed animal gives comfort, a confidant and a piece of childhood back to children in need. Teddy bears are our way of being there for them along the way ☻