“A child dies every 75 seconds in Yemen, where conflict and blockades limit the flow of food and other resources” The War on Childhood in Yemen | Think Global Health

Now in its seventh year of conflict, Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

🗣 According to @un_ocha:
– Nearly 2.3 million children under age 5 in Yemen are projected to suffer from acute malnutrition

– Of these children, 400,000 are expected to suffer from severe acute malnutrition and could die without urgent treatment

– Around 1.2 million pregnant or breastfeeding women are projected to be acutely malnourished this year

🏥 Despite limited resources and a challenging operating environment, aid agencies continue to deliver large-scale assistance programmes: @unicef_yemen@yemenfoundation@whoyemen@nrc_middleeast@nrc_norway

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