Author Spotlight: Jiji Talmas

This year, I partnered with a number of indie authors to share their stories, promote early literacy and expand our home library program to serve under resourced children across the GTA. Today I will be sharing a book titled Cheers to our Volunteer! ✨

📚 About the book:“In many classrooms and programs, we have volunteers that come in to work with children, to connect and help-out. Good volunteers are GOLD and they play an important role in the child’s life at school.Here is the absolute best rhyming book for young children about having a volunteer in their classroom or program.”

💭 JiJi Talmas’ inspiration: “As an educator, I always had a hard time finding a children’s book that talks about volunteer. Whenever we have a volunteer starting in our program, I always thought how nice it would be if we could have a children’s story that we can read as an introduction. So my moto is if you can’t find it, write it. Again, the proceeds are donated to support volunteerism in our country.”

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