Bear hugs for front line workers

Thank you to our wonderful friend & the kindest doc for these thoughtful words! Sending #bearhugs to everyone who continues to work on the frontlines to keep our communities safe!

Repost @docfarihakhan

“Definitely felt like a giant bear hug to receive this thoughtful little package in the mail from @aizastbf! For those of you who may not know, Aiza’s Teddy Bear Foundation works year round to bring comfort & safety to the lives of children who have been deprived of their formative years due to some of the great injustices of our present world. They strive to reinstate pieces of a lost childhood by sending bear hugs in the form of warm clothing, teddy bears, school supplies & more to children in need around the globe. This work is so impressive and refreshingly sincere. And as if that wasn’t enough, what always blows me away is that this not-for-profit was founded by a young woman, Aiza Abid, at the age of 15!

Now 22, Aiza is paving the way for other young humanitarians and change makers, by offering workshops and leadership sessions that are peer to peer. Pretty amazing.I was out for a run with my two middle boys ages 9 and 11, who were fascinated by this little package in the mail. They learned about the work and I hope inspired by what young people just a few years older than them have done!

Anyhow, they sported the buttons as we went on our neighborhood run!! Thank you once again @aizastbf for the lovely gesture. A reminder that we can all use a little bear hug every now and then, and small acts of kindness is sometimes all it takes to keep us going for each other”