COVID-19’s & Children’s Mental Health

By: Muzna E.

Since the pandemic began in Canada, it has affected many families financially and mentally. According to a CAMH  Policy report published in July,  2020, 50% of Canadians’ mental health had worsened since the pandemic. It has been shown by the Public Affairs Annual Mental Health Index survey 2019 that children were equally as affected. For the first time ever, the Public Affairs Annual Mental Health Index survey had included children; they assed half of Ontario children and found just how much covid-19 had affected children. The health index found that children are at risk for mental issues, with 30 percent being high-risk and 19 percent with moderate issues since the pandemic began. In addition to this, it was noted that more than 59% of parents saw a drastic change in their child ranging from extreme outbursts, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and presentient sadness. However, this does not come out as a surprise as isolation and the new e-learning routine has caused a dramatic shift in children’s regularity . In Ontario, it has been noted that more than 28000 children have been waiting for services, with some even waiting for 2. 5 years and COVID-19 could increase this number.