Food insecurity during the pandemic

CTV News reports that the number of Canadian struggling to put good, nutritious food on the table is increasing at alarming rates. Many families are struggling as a result of layoffs and the economic down turn caused by the pandemic.

Before the pandemic – an estimated 4.5 million Canadians experienced food insecurity

First two months of the pandemic – that number had grown 39%. This means that food insecurity was affecting 1 in 7 households nationwide.

It is important to note that food insecurity disproportionately affects low income and BIPOC communities.

When asked what a mother was struggling with most, she said it was seeing her kids realize that they could no longer pick out their favourite fruits when they went grocery shopping. “We love watermelon, but I don’t know when we’ll enjoy one together again.”

Non-perishable items are a great way to give back to your community. A quick call to your local food bank will also inform you of any opportunities to provide fresh produce items or warm meals to families in need.

Now more than others, we must come together to ensure that no child is forced to go to bed hungry.