Happy National Volunteer Week!

Happy National Volunteer Week!

I first stumbled upon the non-profit world in elementary school. At the time, I had just witnessed the generational effects of poverty in Pakistan and needed to channel my energy and emotions into some form of humanitarian outreach. 

But I was only 7-years old and had access to very limited resources. Upon spending the next several years volunteering at local homeless shelters and food banks, I discovered that community service was so much more than that. 

It was a way to focus on the things I did have and use them to answer someone’s prayers. 

Something that I was dedicated to helping my Youth Advisory Board members learn for themselves last year was the importance of finding and supporting causes that align with your mission, your passion and your purpose. While starting your own venture is a great way to learn, devoting some of your time to other existing organizations can be an incredibly valuable experience! There is so much we can learn when we keep an open mind to the experiences of others.

We are always looking for volunteers – of any age – to join us and help bring joy to at-risk and vulnerable youth across the globe. 

Thanks for being here 💛🧸