Making buttons with People Power Press

We’re out to promote a philosophy of service as a way of learning about ourselves and the world. 

I found my voice through volunteering at a really young age. Ever since elementary school, you could find me spending time at local homeless shelters and food banks before school and after class doing what I could with what I had to serve the less fortunate. I learned so much about the pressing, but hidden needs in our society as a result. Encouraging young people to engage in meaningful forms of community service is really important to us. Not only are they able to expand their understanding of social justice and activism beyond the classroom, they are able to create meaningful relationships and develop a greater level of self awareness as well. 

Fast forward to today, service helped me combine my passions to serve humanity. I use art as activism as a way to create platforms for young people to share their stories, amplify their voices and engage audiences in unique and special ways. 

With our recent purchase of a button maker through the support of our incredible local friends at People Power Press, we are optimistic that we will be able to increase our outreach two fold. Button badges will help us continue to reach out to young people in need by sharing their dreams and aspirations with the world while fundraising for their needs directly. Check them out to see how you can combine your passions to recognize your purpose and take on the world, one button at a time!