Making care packages

By Bear Hugs Club member, Vivian Y

While this box may not seem the most creative, I attempted my best to add products that could benefit anyone who may be struggling during this period of time. I managed to squeeze in two water bottles to help others quench their thirst, and two protein drinks. I remembered how these protein drinks filled me up when I was preparing for my surgery a few years ago, and decided to go to Asian supermarket to get this again. It takes a while for them to expire, and also does not go bad through hot or cold temperatures. I added a box of tissues because they could be used for multiple purposes, whether it be used for sanitary purposes or for warmth. I also threw in a couple of protein bars, as they could always be consumed as a tasty snack. Lastly, I added a bottle of hand sanitizer, which could battle bacteria or be used to clean up during this pandemic. This box is important to me because I know it’ll be helping others who are in need of this. While I might not be contributing much, the knowledge that this could relieve someone’s stress is enough for me.