My unstoppable moment


By @dynamic.daughters (San Francisco, California)

Check out this incredible gal whose charity efforts are making a HUGE difference!

She started her own quilting project for adults with cognitive disabilities and is the founder of Aiza’s Teddybear Foundation and inspires all to make positive changes!

Read what she has to say about her UNSTOPPABLE MOMENT:

“Making service more inclusive and accessible is something that I am really passionate about. Our quilting project was implemented in a day program for adults with cognitive disabilities last winter. As a charity that strives to repurpose all donated items that come through our doors, we try our best to make every item like new before sending them off to their new home. But some articles of clothing are in not so great shape. We work with community members to save any good materials from these items and cut them into squares to repurpose into quilts. The individuals at the day program decorated the fabric pieces and helped us prepare these blankets to deliver to our local homeless shelters. The coordinators reached out to us afterwards to share how meaningful this activity was for the participants. They said that many have never had the opportunity to serve their community in this way before.

We all have an innate desire to do good and help others; I think it is so important for all organizations to be mindful of how their current policies and practices are elevating the participation of some individuals or hindering that of others”

There you have it! Follow Aiza for more inspiration at @aizastbf @aizabidxo