Our 7th anniversary

-ˏˋ Aiza’s Teddybear Foundation is 7 years old! ˊˎ-

What started as a simple dream to bring joy to the lives of children at local hospitals has grown into an incredible youth-led movement that has…

Our impact

  • Repurposed and distributed over 300,000 teddies for children experiencing homelessness, illness, poverty
  • Organized over a hundred donation drives at various schools
  • Supported hundreds of students at underfunded schools in Pakistan by providing school supplies, back packs and sweaters
  • Supplied multiple classrooms in Pakistan with heating systems during colder winter months
  • Created wellness rooms at local homeless shelters for children to destress and
  • Craft workshops for adults with cognitive disabilities
  • Created multiple home libraries for low income students and refugee families in Canada
  • Provided thousands of warm clothing items and winter accessories to refugee families in Canada each winter
  • Provided hundreds of refugee families with access to resources and services in their languages each year 
  • Prepared dozens of low income students across Canada and globally with adequate supplies each back to school season 
  • Provided multiple single mothers and women in need with sewing machines and other creative outlets to earn an income for their families 
  • Furnished a home for a family living in extremely impoverished conditions in Pakistan
  • Changing the way that community members give and receive clothing donations. Replaced the usage of garbage bags to donate clothing with recycled boxes

Our youth engagement initiatives 

  • Youth Advisory Board: An opportunity for youth activists to expand their knowledge on children’s rights, service, public speaking and activism
  • Bear Hugs Club: An opportunity for aspiring change makers to engage in digital and in-person volunteering experiences that utilize their skill sets and are meaningful to them
  • Bear Hugs Book Club: Our book club leads find and review books with themes of service, activism, race and diversity for educators and parents to share with the children in their lives. These books are also purchased and donated to underfunded schools and families in need
  • #BearHugs Button Campaign: Nominating special people in their lives and celebrating those who are working on the front lines of the pandemic with a socially distant bear hug in the form of a button
  • Bear Hug Boxes: In an effort to divert thousands of good quality clothing items from landfills each year, we send bear hugs in the form of good quality, repurposed clothing items to families in need, We encourage our youth volunteers to look for creative ways to repurpose old items in their own closets and help their community members do the same!
  • Content creators: For young people eager to combine their passion for advocacy with their social media skills to support our charity’s online presence
  • Creative writers: For young people with a love for expressing themselves through their writing. Our writers contribute to our blog and social media with their innovative ideas for repurposing items, advancing children’s rights and having an opportunity to tackle the social issues that matter most to them

Our community service hours 

  • Tens of thousands of collective volunteering hours dedicated to engaging with our community in unique & meaningful way, working with various community organizations and repurposing items to make them like new for families in need

Our efforts during the pandemic 

  • Updated our services on our local database to continue providing good clothing, food, school supplies and book to families in need
  • Launched our Youth Advisory Board, an opportunity for 12 aspiring activists to engage in service learning, leadership development and to contribute to ATBF programming  
  • Monthly board meetings to discuss our current projects and engage students who were out of school with information on how to engage in critical service work in their own communities 
  • Leading young people through the creation of care packages for individuals in need in their own communities
  • Orchestrated numerous connections directly between community members with items to give, and individuals in need. Donors filled out the following form with the sizes of clothing items they wanted to donate, and we matched them with families who completed the form requesting the same items. Donors packed items in boxes, placed them on their porch for a contactless pick up
  • Continued to pick up hundreds of clothing items from donors across the GTA to repurpose for families in need 
  • School supplies for dozens of low income students across the GTA 
  • Warm, winter clothing for dozens of refugee families
  • Good clothing items for multiple families experiencing homelessness 
  • Birthday presents for 25 children from low income families 
  • Teddies for hundreds of children 
  • Launched our bear hugs campaign to celebrate those who inspire us with their kind hearts for others; mailed over 300 buttons to our supporters and to aspiring activists  

Our 2020 supporters 

  • Recipient of the 4imprint OneforOne grant 
  • Recipient of the Taking it Global (TIG), Rising Youth grant 

Our YAB’s reflections

  • You can read our youth advisory board member’s reflections about their involvement with our organization here.

It has been the greatest privilege to connect our community with the needs of children in such meaningful and personal ways. We cannot wait to see what the next seven years will bring! 

Aiza Abid
Founder & CEO
Aiza’s Teddybear Foundation