Zero hunger

Sustainable Development Goal # 2
By: Sayfe Peyawary

According to the WHO, more than 850 Million people are currently hungry, or do not know where their next meal will come from. 

Hunger is a problem, not just in one part of the world, but across the globe. In fact, 11% of the world is struggling with this global crisis. But did you know that there is enough food to feed all of the people on earth? Despite the plethora of resources that should enable our world’s population to live comfortable, peaceful lives, many continue to face these challenges. Children need to learn about this issue early on—we cannot afford to have anyone dismiss the urgency of this issue. We need everyone on board to combat this problem.

With this being such a big problem, the stories and examples are plentiful. I read about how a mother was facing financial difficulties, and was unable to provide food for herself and her seven children. When an organization in her area provided some meat, vegetables and bread, the expression of joy on her face was priceless. It is implausible how these basic food items could elicit such a response from this family. It demonstrates that we have a long way to go.

It is scary that 15 people die of hunger every minute, and one child dies every ten second from something related to hunger or malnutrition. But, together, we can all change this. Here at Aiza’s Teddybear Foundation, we care about providing care to and protecting the rights of children.